Wholefood Plant Based Cookery Day – Cornwall – June 2017

Super duper Salad | Joy of Yum

Creating Recipes with a Symphony of Plant Nutrients

Introduction to a Wholefood Plant Based Lifestyle
Sunday, June 18, 2017

About the day

Come and join Annalisa for a hands-on day of making wholefood plant based recipes. We will prepare a variety of whole food dishes and I will share with you the elements of creating properly balanced meals. We will be using fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden (if the slugs give us a break). In addition we will talk about growing sprouts to create a quick and easy windowsill garden.

I know the big protein question will come up, so we will talk about how easy it is to eat adequate protein. In addition I will teach you how to create delicious meals with no oil. Yes NO oil!

After preparing the vegan food we will enjoy a late lunch and the time spent around the table will be a further opportunity to ask questions.

I will prepare in advance many tasty treats using a dehydrator.
These little extras are good pantry supplies for adding something special to a simple dish.

You can look forward to leaving the class with full tummies and your creative juices flowing. You will be armed with sufficient information and confidence to cook nourishing meals and snacks for yourself and your family.

PLUS: You will take away a selection of Annalisa’s specially made treats!

Chia Dessert | Joy of Yum

During the day we will prepare:

A light summer soup
Hummus – oil free
Pesto – oil free
Oil free dressings
Energy bars
…. and more!

What a wholefood plant based lifestyle can do for you:

Reverse or prevent heart disease
Lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar
Lower the risk of diabetes & cancer
Improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
Help with indigestion & constipation
Take fewer medications
Lower food costs
Help protect the well being of the environment
…. and last but not least make you feel really good

DATE: Sunday, 18 June, 2017
TIME: 10.00am  – 5.00pm
PRICE: £80
LOCATION: Tregatillian, St. Columb, Cornwall

Please note places for this event are limited to 10 people and it fills up fast!

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