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My name is Annalisa Mather and I have come full circle! As a child growing up in England I was frequently to be found in the kitchen watching, helping and generally lapping up anything I could learn about food. After school, following my passion for all things foodie, I trained as a chef which proved to be an excellent skill raising a family and hosting many lunch and dinner gatherings. In 1996 I moved to Colorado and began a fabulous adventure which lasted for 21 years. The arrival of grandchildren pulled me back to Cornwall where I am once again finding my roots and closing the circle.

My interest in food and the impact it has on our health has been a guiding light in my life. The reason is very simple, I like to feel good! Our health is so very precious, as is the health of the planet and both are intricately interwoven.

Over the years I leaned toward vegetarian choices in my diet. I have explored raw food and a gluten free lifestyle. After gaining a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition with eCornell I felt I had landed right where I needed to be and launched this website.

Now my passion is sharing how we can nourish ourselves on many levels. I am insatiably curious and love learning. My self taught skills of web design, video and photography, allow me to leap into the technology of blogs and social media allowing me to pass on recipes and insights about a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.

I have continued to educate myself and have completed the Vegan Mastery Program with the Vegetarian Health Institute, last year I completed the Forks Over Knives cooking course with Rouxbe and have just begun a course with Plantlab. I am always hungry to learn new skills so that I am prepared to share the latest information with those who join me for workshops and retreats.

Joy is a lifestyle choice

Yes it is true! What we chose to put in our bodies and minds ultimately defines who we are. And with this in mind I want to point you towards two other passions of mine: Enlightening Body and Mind and From Fear to Faith the Documentary.

If you are looking for me, you can find me at home in Cornwall, in the kitchen, or the garden, or maybe in front of the computer, or behind a camera. And for extra fun, I ski, hike and knit and best of all spend time with my family.

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