Simply Green Smoothie

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Simply Green Smoothie

I do a lot of experimenting with smoothies both sweet and savory. A good nutrient dense smoothie makes a wonderful pick me up at any time of the day. Frequently in the busyness of the day I just want to reach into the fridge and pull out several simple ingredients and throw them into the blender and chug down the green goodness.

I always have some frozen pineapple in the freezer. I like the way it keeps the smoothie cool and adds a little sweetness. The avocado gives the smoothie a little creaminess and provides us with the fats needed to absorb the fat soluble nutrients. The result is a fairly thick smoothie depending on how much water you add.


Makes ample for 2 people
Time: 10 minutes

½ bunch kale
½ avocado
1 apple
1/4 bunch flat leave parsley
6 cubes frozen pineapple
½ inch chunk of ginger, peeled
Tall glass water cold water


Place all the ingredients in the goblet of an Optimum or similar blender and blend until completely smooth. If necessary add more water to help your blender process the frozen pineapple.

simply green kale smoothie

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