Oven Roast Garlic

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Oven Roast Garlic

I always keep some oven roasted garlic in my fridge. I love its buttery, garlicky flavour  spread on whole grain toast with sliced tomatoes and topped with a basil leaf or two. Add a clove or three to humus, or pesto or baba ganoush (recipes coming soon!) and the mellow hint of garlic is just enough to enliven the dish. In addition you will be giving your immune system a boost which can never hurt!

As I tend not to use any oil at all in my diet I bake the garlic by simply covering it with parchment paper (grease proof paper) and the result is just fine. But feel free to drizzle with olive oil if you desire.

oven roast garlic with cover


3 or 4 garlic bulbs
Olive oil (optional)

What To Do

Set oven to 375º
Time: 1 hour

1. Peel off any loose skin from the garlic.

2. Slice through the top of the garlic exposing the cloves. If needed use a small knife to expose any cloves on the side of the bulb.

3. Place the garlic in a small baking tin or oven proof ceramic bowl.

4. Drizzle with oil if desired. Cover with parchment paper or aluminum foil.

5. Set in the middle of the oven and bake for 45 -50 minutes until the garlic is soft and golden.

6. Store in the fridge for up to a week. I leave the bulbs whole and just squeeze out the cloves as I need them but next time I may well squeeze out the sweet and delicious cloves and store them in a small sealed jar.

roast garlic clove

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