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Green Matcha Smoothie

While I was in Copenhagen I had a green matcha smoothie at Sing Tehus and fell in love. I have to admit I am not a fan of green tea and yet I am well aware of the numerous health benefits. Green matcha tea is thought to assist in preventing cancer, burn fat, it can enhance mood and helps with concentration (I was happy to believe that one). It provides us with vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium and much more. In regards to its nutritional benefits and antioxidant benefits, one glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea. The reason that the health benefits of matcha tea exceed those of green tea is because matcha is the whole leaf, not just the brewed water.

I am sure I am going to be drinking a glass of matcha smoothie everyday. I can begin with this one that I created today and continue to experiment. I have just given the measurements for one portion so just multiply the numbers as the need be.

Green Matcha Smoothie

Makes: 1 glass


1 level tspn green matcha powder
1/3 banana
1/4 cucumber
1 cup rice, nut or soy milk (straight from fridge)
1 date (remove pit)
Drip or two of vanilla essence or a few seeds from a vanilla pod


Put all the ingredients into an Optimum or similar blender and blend until smooth. Yum, refresh and revive!

Joy of Yum | Green Matcha Smoothhie

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