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Lemon and Ginger Tea

Lemons contain many health giving substances that promote health, fight infection and aid our immune system. The long list of the benefits of consuming lemons include: aids digestion, balances pH levels, acts as a diuretic. Adding a little ginger to the tea makes for a delicious drink as well as enjoying the health benefits of ginger, warming the body and maintaining robust digestion.


Use fresh lemons, organic if possible and the juice of ½ a lemon is perfect for one glass. Top up your glass with water heated to a nice warm temperature; too hot and you will kill the vitamin C.

If I am using ginger in my lemon drink, I boil the water and pour that into a cup with the ginger and allow it to cool while I grate the lemon zest and store it in the freezer for using later in other recipes. Then I top up the glass with the lemon juice and give it  a quick stir.

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