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Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

Changing our health and well-being

one meal at a time!

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Dairy Free Ice Cream

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Enjoy lots & lots of greens!

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Eat a Wild Diet

Eat food recently alive and well

and grown

in a natural environment

Whole Food Plant Based Workshop

Sunday 10th July 2016

Come and join Annalisa for a hands-on day of making wholefood plant based recipes.
We will be using fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden to prepare a variety of delicious whole food dishes.


Intelligent ideas for sustainability

Let us nourish ourselves with food as nature created

Recipes for Health

Here you will find recipes for elegant simple food and drink. I aim for 99% oil free, whole food plant based nutrition, allowing us and our planet to have the opportunity to thrive. I am constantly exploring creative ways to bring the magic of nature to our plates. So dive in and join me. Eat well and care for the environment at the same time. Why not?

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A Taste of My Journey

I have come full circle! As a in child in England I was frequently to be found in the kitchen watching, helping and generally lapping up anything I could learn about food. How food impacts our health has been a guiding light in my life. The reason is simple, I like to feel good! My passion is sharing how to nourish ourselves by living a whole food plant based lifestyle.

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Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle

Just as we cannot grasp the intricacies of a healthy eco system until we damage it, we don’t value good health until we become sick. Today we have a billion $$ health care industry that treats the symptoms of our bad nutritional habits and neglects the cause. To reclaim our health we have to change what we eat. To do that we have to change how we think.

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Our health depends on plants


The Gift of Plants

It's Cherry Season

I think cherries are my number one fruit and it is cherry season so yum, yum. And the good news is that cherries are fabulous antioxidant fruit to indulge in. Also eating cherries and drinking cherry juice appears to reduce gout attacks.

Watercress for exercise recovery

Eating watercress everyday assists in the speedy recovery from exercise. If eaten before exercise, it reduces oxidative stress and DNA damage. Learn more on Michael Gregor’s

Walnuts for the health of our arteries

Clinical trials have shown that eating walnuts improves arterial function. Walnuts may assist the arteries to relax and thus improve the risk of surviving a cardiac event. Read more on Michael Gregor’s

Fennel tea for settling the tummy

Fennel leaves are an excellent source of vitamins A and C. But what about the seeds? In India people chew fennel seeds after a meal to reduce inflammation of the stomach. I love to brew myself a cup of fennel tea made with hot water and a ½ teaspoon of fennel seeds. Chewing a few of the softened seeds is all I need to ensure a good night’s sleep.

What, no oil!

How do you sauté? Well it’s easy, as well as delicious and healthy. Pop the chopped or sliced onions into a pan on a fairly high heat. Just as the onions start to stick, trickle over a little water and move them around the pan. Every time the onions stick add a little more water. You can add garlic and spices, taking care that they do not burn. And voilà! Continue to add ingredients for soups or a veggie stir fry. And for a little fun try this with wine instead of water.

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